is one of the biggest manufacturers of snack foods in the Philippines. The company was established in August 1986 and started in the production of good quality Cheez-zum product.

W.L. Food produces high quality and convenience snacks that bring satisfaction and enjoyment to their clients in the Philippines. They have various products like in line with beverages they produced 24 SEVEN powder drinks, DRINKY, and Samis White Coffee. In chips like Muncher D’Patata, CHEEPEE, and Tattoos. In biscuits are HOPE, 3D Panda, and Charles. They also have noodles products like instant Q-mi and U-NEED Bihon.
Just like other small beginners, the company also experienced hard times penetrating the market at that time. Because of the strong belief of its founder that “quality product is the key to success”, the company products gained the acceptance of the general public.